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    Bass speaker is a kind of loudspeaker. It is a transducer that converts electronic signals into sound. Together with the tweeter and the baritone, they form the trumpet of the car sound. The principle of bass horn is that the bass horn is composed of electromagnet, coil and the film of the horn. Convert the current frequency into sound. The principle of physics is that when the current passes through the coil and the electromagnetic field occurs, the direction of the magnetic field is right-handed. Assuming that the speaker plays C-mode, its frequency is 256 Hz, that is, 256 times per second vibration, the speaker output 256 Hz AC current, 256 times per second current changes, emit C-mode frequency. When the electric coil vibrates with the speaker film and pushes the air around it to vibrate, the speaker will sound. But because the sound that the human ear can hear is limited (20 - 20KHZ), ordinary loudspeakers will set the order within this range. Electromagnetic loudspeakers are generally powered by power systems (including: magnet coils or coils). Vibration system (including: sound diaphragm, that is, horn diaphragm dust cover bullet wave). Support system (including: basin rack, etc.) is composed.

    The principle of obligation is contrary to the above. The process of energy conversion is from electric energy to magnetic energy, then from magnetic energy to mechanical energy, and then from mechanical energy to sound. The bass speaker is not used alone, but with the high-pitched speaker and the middle-pitched speaker to form a sound system, which produces the sound band vibration with low frequency and makes people's ears resonate and shake. It is used in KTV, bar, stage and other open places. The frequency range of the bass horn is 16-256Hz. Among them, 16-64HZ listening feels deep and shocking; 64-128HZ listening feels simple, 128-256HZ listening feels full. Performance characteristics have a strong sense of shock, strong, full and deep.

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