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    Horn is a modern electro-acoustic component. Its function is to convert electrical signals into sound. It is also called loudspeaker. There are two basic types: internal magnetic and external magnetic. Most of the external magnetic circuits use ferrite. Aluminum, nickel and drilling alloy magnets are used for internal magnetic circuits, and a few also use ferrite. Internal magnetic horn has the advantages of no external stray magnetic field, small size and light weight, and is suitable for use in computers and TV sets.

    Today we focus on the adhesive used in the external electromagnetic electric loudspeaker. First of all, it is characterized by large magnetic leakage, large volume, but low price. As the name implies, the external magnetic loudspeaker can see a circle of black magnets clamped between T-iron and Wallace outside. What glue should be used for bonding and fixing between magnets and T-iron? Acrylic AB glue, also known as cyan red glue, is coated with magnetic AB glue outside 1208 trumpet. It is mainly suitable for the parts of T-iron and magnet of trumpet assembly, followed by the parts of magnet and Huasi.

    Product characteristics:

    1. It can harden rapidly at room temperature, and the volume does not shrink when hardening. It can be calculated rationally in production and design. 2. The two liquids are not mixed and acceptable. The main agent and hardener are coated on two different implants respectively. When the two tablets are bonded, they can be used together or two liquids can be mixed. Then the operation is simple. 3. It has a well-balanced follow-up performance against tension, peeling and impact.

    Usage method:

    1. The mixability of the screw at the automatic exit is good. 2. When mixing agent A and agent B, hardening effect will occur. When using agent A and agent B, attention should be paid to the fact that the outer cover of the container can not be used alternately. 3. When A and B are mixed in large quantities, there will be dangerous high fever. A and B must be kept separately. 4. When using, mix well with clean sticks. Notes: 1. Please operate in a well-ventilated place. 2. When the skin is attached, wash it with soap water. 3. Fire prevention should be paid attention to in use and storage places. 4. Seal properly after use to avoid direct sunlight. Storage conditions are kept at 25 for 6 months and stored in a cool and ventilated place. This information is for reference only. It does not have any guaranteed nature. Please test its applicability in advance.

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