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    The middlehead is an energy converter that converts sound signals into electrical signals. It is a device opposite to the loudspeaker (electricity to sound). It is the two terminals of the sound equipment, the midhead is the input and the speaker is the output. Also known as microphone, microphone, microphone.

    1. From the working principle, it can be divided into three types: carbon concentrate type, electromagnetic type, capacitive type, electret capacitive type (mainly electret type), piezoelectric crystal type, piezoelectric ceramic type, silicon dioxide type, etc.

    2. Electret can be divided into several types according to size.

    9.7 Series Products 8 Series Products 6 Series Products

    4.5 Series Products 4 Series Products 3 Series Products

    There are different heights in each series.

    3. From the direction of the midhead, it can be divided into omnidirectional, unidirectional and bidirectional (also known as denoising).

    4. From the polarization mode, vibro-diaphragm type, back-polar type and front-polar type.

    From the structural point of view, it can be divided into grid-pole spot welding type, grid voltage connection type, pole-ring connection type and so on.

    5. From the external connection mode:

    Ordinary solder joint type: L type

    PIN Foot Type: P Type

    Concentric circle type: S type

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