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    1. We usually use the horn very frequently when driving, so it is easy to break down and bring a lot of inconvenience to the driving. After the breakdown, sometimes we press the horn like mosquitoes, and sometimes we are very hoarse, which makes the driver very worried. How on earth does this happen to the horn? Below we look for the relevant reasons.

    2. Before finding out the reason, let's see how the car horn works. After pressing the horn button on the steering wheel, the current of the battery on the car will flow through the circuit to the horn relay. Finally, the current will go to the electromagnet inside the horn to vibrate and make a sound. The failure of the general horn is the problem of the horn itself. Some of the car horns have defects in installation and when it rains. It is easy to get wet by rainwater, which is the direct cause of the damage of the loudspeaker.

    3. Generally speaking, there are three common parts in the silence of the loudspeaker, which lead to malfunction. The owner can check by himself: 1. Sometimes when driving normally, the loudspeaker sometimes does not sound. This situation is mostly caused by the poor contact of the loudspeaker switch. (2) The noise of the horn is not clear and hoarse, which is due to the poor contact of the plug of the horn, especially the frequent use around the steering wheel, which will cause the contact wear and tear and lead to hoarseness of the horn. (3) If the horn is completely silent, first look at whether the fuse is fused, and then pull out the plug to measure whether the switch of the horn is still energized. If there is no electricity to indicate that the horn wire harness is broken, if there is electricity, that is the problem of the horn itself. If adjusting the nut on the horn is not able to sound, then it is time to replace the new horn.

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